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Capt. Billy Knowles

As a fourth-generation keys fishing guide, he was a true pioneer of the Florida Keys inshore fishery. He collected wins in all of the prestigious backcountry tournaments and received the IGFA Tommy Gifford Award. In addition to his skill and success on the water, he was the unofficial mayor of Islamorada and was a father figure and true friend to the fishing community in Islamorada. 


He was an original founder of The Poor Boys Tournament and it remained a cherished annual competition every single year.  We plan to honor him by renaming the tournament


The Annual Billy Knowles Memorial Poor Boys Tarpon Fly.

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About Us >>

As legend has it, The Poor Boys Tarpon Fly Tournament was started about 45 years ago by some of the most infamous fly fishing anglers and guides, you will probably meet them, they still fish. After the "big three" tarpon fly tournaments in May and June, the locals wanted a chance to compete. So they started the Poor Boys, to make the tournament accessible to anyone who wanted to prove their skill and competence. The tournament has kept in line with this over the years. We want everyone to have the chance to show their skills in the saltwater fly fishing community in Islamorada. 

2023 Schedule >>

Kick-off:  July 4th, 4 PM - 6 PM 

Fishing: July 5th & 6th

Location: Lorelei Restaurant & Cabanabar

Scoring will be done at the Lorelei each afternoon. Winners will be announced at Lorelei following fishing on July 6th.

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