Past Results

2021 Fishing Cancelled:

Tropical Storm Elsa

2020 Results:

12 Fish caught overall 

Grand Champions: Drew Moret & John Schneid - 3 releases day 1

First Runner Up: Baird Graham & Conner Flamm - 2 releases day 1, 1 day 2

Second Runner Up: Paul Ross & Casey Spalding - 2 releases day 2

Best Other: Cheryl Culberson - Backcountry Slam

2019 Results:

4 fish caught overall  

Grand Champions: Drew Moret & John Schneid and John Sheehan & Kevin Sheehan - both teams caught and released a fish at 12:06 PM on day one of fishing (tied on time)

First Runner up:  Jeremy Fisher & Louis Muller 1 release 

Second Runner up: Paul Ross with 1 release 

Best other: Andrew Austin  

2018 Results:

15 fish caught overall

Grand Champions: Drew Moret & John Schneid 5 releases (on time)

First Runner Up: Billy Knowles and Bernie Welch 5 releases

Second Runner Up: Mike Alfano and Bryon Chamberlain 2 releases (on time)

Best New Anglers: AJ Fauxa and Kyle Banister 1 release

2017 Results:

Grand Champions: Kevin Sheehan & John Sheehan 5 releases

First Runner Up: Craig Brewer & Perry Coleman 3 releases

Second Runner-up: Ken Biro & Jon Donell 2 releases


2016 Results:

Grand Champions: Kathy Hoar & Oliver Hoar with 6 releases

First Runner Up: Nate Linville & Jojo Rodriguez with 5 releases

Second Runner Up: Kevin Sheehan & John Sheehan with 4 releases


2015 Results:

14 Fish caught Overall

Grand Champions: John Donnell & Ken Biro with 6 releases

First Runner Up: Deborah Kapusta & Scott Collins

Second Runner Up: Kathy & Oliver Hoar

Previous Results: Unrecorded - We are gathering previous winner information if you have won in the past please reach out to us! 


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