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Official Rules>>


1. IGFA 16lb Tippet


2. Boats can leave from and return to any dock from Harry Harris Park to Duck Key.


3. Boats can leave the dock at 6:00 AM, lines in any time after that. Lines out at 3:00 PM.

4. Tarpon must be 4 feet long on the honor system.

5. Fish is considered caught/ released when the leader is reeled into the tip of the guide.

6. Team with the most releases wins, in the event of a tie the team that caught the last fish first will be the judged winner.


7. Only two anglers can fish at a time on boats with three anglers.  


8. Chumming is not permitted, and you must be at least 100 yards from any other boat's chum slick.


9. Fish must be reported by 5:00 PM. 


10. Turn in score sheets each day at the Lorelei or by phone: 305.509.0253


11. This is a boat tournament. Anglers can change from day one to day two. (Inform committee)


12. Awards get together at the Lorelei after 4:00 PM as everyone arrives from fishing.


13. This is a fun tournament, so let’s have a fun time!

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